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Westinghouse Oven Repairs

In 1939 Simpson & Sons opened their factory down at Dudley Park – Adelaide. They have been making ovens there ever since; it also changed hands a few times. Email, SouthCorp, and now Electrolux. Electrolux also own Chef, Simpson, Hoover, Westinghouse, AEG.

Westinghouse have been a solid performer pretty much until Electrolux took over. Gluing in door hinges is a poor choice in our opinion, compared to being able to replace the door hinges via the old tried and true mechanical mounting. This is just one of our complaints of the Electrolux influence on the manufacturing methods being adopted today. Other weaknesses related to the new models is Plastic/Bakelite in place of metal. And opting to fit electronic components where analogue components were the tried and tested preference.

Westinghouse Oven number one fault

The number one fault in most Westinghouse ovens is the Fan Forced Element 2200W!

Fan Forced Element

Fan Forced Element

Followed closely by hinges, thermostats and function switch. That is true for most brands but particularly for the fan forced element. Undertaking any electrical repairs on a fixed wired oven must be done by a registered and licensed electrician.

There have been many many models made over the years. Too many to keep track of but the list  below is probably most of them for the older models. This is not meant to be a complete list as Electrolux/Westinghouse keep adding to the list. Some of these models are almost non existent in little Adelaide.

So you need your Westinghouse oven repaired!

We are Adelaide’s only dedicated oven repairer. This means we have a greater chance of being able to complete the repair during our first visit. On average we only return to 1-2 jobs a week where parts need to be ordered because we didn’t have them in the van. It also means we are more likely to carry in the van any specialised tools and lifting equipment required to undertake the variety of challenges that are specific to ovens, stoves and cooktops. Many Westinghouse ovens are double and mounted in walls. This requires specialised equipment to allow one person to remove them to undertake repairs.

Westinghouse Authorised  Oven Repairer

Adelaide Oven Repairs do not do warranty repairs for any brand of oven, stove or cook-top. The benefit to you as the customer is that we are not obliged to offer an opinion that conforms to the party line! We tell as we see it. If we think the hinge design is poor we have no qualms about about saying so! If we know the manufacturer is not admitting a design fault of part fault we will say so. Being an authorised Westinghouse oven repairer has its advantages of course. And if you need your oven fixed under warranty you will need to contact Electrolux direct. But equally, using a company that is chooses to remain independent from the Westinghouse authorised agent(s) allows you to be confident that nothing is hidden up anyone’s sleeve so to speak.

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  We carry a selection of spares for the most common faults and should our technician not have all the required parts on board, there is no additional Service Call Out Charge for the return visit. Adelaide Whitegoods Specialists warranty fully guarantees any faulty workmanship with any associated defective parts as supplied being warranted by the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing, and when applicable are conditional upon all accounts and payments being in order and fully settled as per our trading terms. All postponements or cancellations must be submitted 1 full working day prior. Failure to do so in a timely manner may incur cancellation charges.

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Some of the Models we service

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