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Sometimes we don’t have the parts in stock!


We order parts in bulk from Europe

Parts are primarily ordered from Europe and can have long lead times. Parts are not ordered individually and air freighted direct from Europe. We order each part as required which gets added to an open docket. When that docket reaches a size/value the docket is then forwarded as a purchase order. The goods are then picked from the warehouse stock or ordered from the OEM supplier. When the parts are packed and weighed, an invoice for shipping is provided. An agency is then used to pay in Euro for the transaction to be completed. This can take a week for the funds to clear into the suppliers account. Finally the goods are loaded to transport and start their way to Australia. Customs then interferes where they can and no time frame is set. Eventually these parts arrive in our store for us to load into the van and notify the customer of the goods ready to proceed to a repair time appointment. So, if 6/8 weeks goes by and you haven’t heard from us; that’s not unusual.

Want faster delivery times?

We can spend time looking for supplies from local Australian Parts Suppliers. This can be a very time consuming process because most of these companies have reduced staff and rely on limited personal contact to keep costs down. If we undertake to source parts locally we will quote accordingly, but an increased price is unavoidable.

This Form is only for parts needing special order related to booked repair jobs.

We do not supplied parts separate from a repair job. This ordering process is normally reserved for parts that are difficult to obtain in Australia. Over 95% of all repairs jobs are able to be completed from stock on hand.


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