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Oven installations are the most significant unknown time impact


While we will take reasonable care to remove/reinstate your oven, we will not be held liable for factors outside our control. Non complying installations are the rule rather than the exception. The Technical Regulator requires we report these non compliances and should not re-energise the installation until the non-compliance is remedied. We often can’t know this until we have taken the oven out of it’s installation. By that time there is no going back. If the Technical Regulator was genuine about making sure installations were up to code they would inspect more installations. But they can hide behind the lack or resources to manage such an undertaking, so they attempt to move the onus to contractors. We try to take a pragmatic approach. We are primarily a fixed price operation and as such focus on the repairs required and reporting issues that might come to our attention we consider dangerous. We are not paid to conduct an inspection of the installation to report non-conformances. Should you require such an inspection you must let us know in the booking form.

The list of issues that can affect our ability to remove and reinstall your appliance are many. We can’t hope to list them all here. But in an effort to provide a broad brush of some of these issues, we hope the following might raise our customers understanding of these issues:

  • The oven has been siliconed in place. We need to break that seal in order to remove the oven. Sometimes (rarely) the gap between the oven and bench/splash back are so small, getting a knife in-between is impossible. And reinstating the oven means the silicone needs to be redone. We don’t do that!
  • The kitchen floor has been renovated and put in place after the oven installation. Sometimes this means the oven can’t be removed or damage to the floor is required to remove it. We are not liable for this damage/reinstatement.
  • Legs on free standing ovens have been damaged and don’t remain in situ when removing/reinstalling them. The oven was balanced in place and will require remedy before being able to reinstate. Any repairs to rectify this are chargeable.
  • Original installation is not up to code. The electrical and gas installation has not been done according to Australian Standards. Junction boxes not mounted, gas pipes not run correctly, cabinet work was done without maintenance considerations. Kickers are glued in. Packers are not fixed in place and move upon reinstating the oven, screw holes for securing the oven in place have been stripped or never installed. Laminated surfaces have cracked or swollen stopping the oven being removed with causing damage. We are not liable for these issues. While we might be able to remedy some of these issues, they are a charged by time.
  • Many ovens have specific securing parts. Some of these are plastic and become fragile with age. Many will crack and will need to be replaced. Some can not be sourced. Often that will mean using over size head screws to retain the oven in place. We can’t help that oven makers use plastic components and that they degrade over time. These parts are not part of the job and are chargeable to replace if available.
  • Globes replacements are chargeable. Globe filaments become fragile and are sensitive to vibration. Removing and reinstalling ovens can often be the straw that broke the camels back and cause the globe to fail.
  • Corrosion affects all ovens. Removing panels is necessary to access components. These can be rusted in or corroded and will be rendered useless after their removal. Sometimes the panel the screw was secured to lets go and leaves a larger hole than the screw originally was locked into. Often screws will break of in the cast burners. These require re-tapping and replacement. None of this work is covered in our fixed price charges. This is chargeable for both time and parts.

One of the worst problems we come up against is a customer claiming the oven is no longer how it was. This sounds ridiculous, but it happens more often that we care to admit. One of the most repeated complaints is that the oven door is not butting up flush with the above panel. For many customers they have never seen their door removed. And so now pay attention for the first time and suddenly realise there is gap. This gap is a fact of most modern ovens. It is there to allow the cooling fan to disperse the hot air out of the control panel area. Once complained about, many customers become insistent that it was not like that before. And even after pointing out the ventilation outlets, remain convinced that the door is now lower than it once was. The onus then becomes proof. We can’t prove it was or wasn’t like that before any more than the customer can. Even sending customers the design drawings, doesn’t change the fact that customers feel embarrassed and won’t use the service again because its embarrassing. So, proving we are right, still doesn’t get a good outcome every time.

We are not in the business of making unhappy customers, but the reality is sometimes that is unavoidable. While we will take reasonable care to remove and reinstall your oven as was; we are not liable for installation issues. We might be able to rectify some of the issues and will charge for that time accordingly. But some will require other trades to remedy and some may not be feasible to remedy.

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