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Covid has changed the way many businesses operate now. We've had to change some of our processes too. The primary one is achieving Covid safe practices. Yes, we probably have your booking form from the first visit, but Covid is not a static event! Our new 'return visit form' provides us a way to update your Covid agreements.

It also is an opportunity to gently remind our customers of some of our other risk management policies.

So, please while we are at your property undertaking your repair:

  • Make sure anyone with symptoms are not in attendance
  • Maintain 1.5 meter distances at all times
  • Keep children and pets clear of the work area
  • Be safe


No, not just dogs! Cats and birds and believe it or not reptiles.


It's our responsibility to operate safely while in your home! We ask that you put your pets outside or lock them in the garage or other appropriate option. Customers seem to think that getting bitten is the primary issue, and try to assure the technician that their pet doesn't bite. The reality is biting is actually pretty rare. Tripping over the family pet is another story. But the number one issue is escaping when the front door is opened. The list of risks are as many for the pet as the technician: electrocution sniffing behind the oven, eating small debris or items under/behind the oven such as rat sack, cats getting under or behind the cabinetry.

So please, don't be offended when the technician asks you to secure you pets before entering your home.


Our visit to repair your oven is not a cleaning opportunity.


Our repair work is not an opportunity to clean your oven

We almost always remove the oven door to work on your oven. And often for the first time, customers have access to the mess that collects at the base of the door. This for many is an opportunity to finally clean in there. Almost all oven doors are made to be removed for cleaning. This will be demonstrated normally in your user manual.

We are a fixed price operator and your cleaning opportunity impacts our ability to undertake the work quickly and without disruption. But it's more than that, you wouldn't go into your mechanics workshop and start cleaning your car, or follow your electrician into the ceiling and start cleaning. Perhaps another way to think about it is; how would you like some cleaning while you were trying to do your work?

We don't clean the detritus in, behind, the sides or under the oven

The second aspect of cleaning is the customers expectation about cleaning up after ourselves. We almost always take away the parts and containers they come in at the completion of each job. However, we often are required to remove trays, pots, pans, etc. to access the repair. Half the ovens we repair are remove from situ. Often the debris behind, under or inside the oven ends up on the floor in front of the oven. Some jobs have little mess, some a lot. Either way we don't clean it up. Our fixed prices are an averaging systems over the total time a particular job takes. A customer who has cleared a space around the oven and has a clean oven should not have to suffer the additional costs that would be incurred by a customer who has more cleaning aftermath/time required. Once upon a time labour was the cheaper part of the job, now however labour is expensive and most customers don't want to pay us to clean up. Because we are a fixed price operation, some customers want to take advantage of the no cost cleaning opportunity.

We don't train

Many want to watch to learn how to do the repair themselves


No one likes having someone watching over their shoulder! For some, watching how to change an element or fan motor or hinges etc. is an opportunity to save money and do it yourself next time. And while seeing it done looks easy, doesn't make it safe to do yourself. All fixed wired ovens must be repaired by a licensed electrician. Insurance companies require the work to be done by a qualified person. So if you get electrocuted or burn your house down your insurance company won't be liable to pay.

Finding qualified oven repairers in Adelaide is not as simple as it might first seem. Finding a fixed price repairer, with the parts in the van to fix over 95% of all repairs on the first visit with European parts and suddenly your options are pretty limited. To offer this means we have to hold a lot of oven parts in the van. Right now our biggest competition is the DIY repair market. We can't compete with free labour. So training the DIY market is contra to our long term survival. So please don't be offended if we make it feel uncomfortable looking over our shoulder.

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If you use this Booking Form you will not receive a “Tax invoice”.

Return Visit Booking

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but to better manage your appointment for issues such as Covid, spare parts and job safety we require and updated booking. Please make sure your email/mobile phone number is correct, as we use that number to sms/email a time and date confirmation. If the date you have selected is not available we will continue to communicate via email/sms to finalise a time and date confirmation. By submitting a booking means you have agreed to have us attend your property to repair your appliance and have accepted our terms and conditions. We will send you a date and time confirmation by sms/email as you choose. Your receiving the date and time confirmation does not negate your booking obligations.


We carry a selection of spares for the most common faults and should our technician not have the required parts on board, there is no additional Service Call Out Charge for the return visit. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing, and when applicable are conditional upon all accounts and payments being in order and fully settled as per our trading terms. Things go wrong! If you haven’t received your booking confirmation by the time you anticipated; call! The amount of incorrect phone numbers/ email addresses etc. we receive means you might not receive your confirmation as anticipated. Ring us before you go off making alternate arrangements. All postponements or cancellations must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so in a timely manner will incur cancellation charges.

Please use this form to update your new booking arrangements

*During business hours. Over-night submissions will be responded to the following business day.

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The property owner is liable to provide a safe work environment! Failure to provide truthful answers or disregard obligations to maintain a safe work environment can cause liability on the property owners behalf.

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