Oven Door Repairs

Oven Door Repairs

Oven door repairs are one of the most common faults we attend; more often than not it is the hinges that need to be replaced!

Hinges are without a doubt one of the easiest jobs to do and one of the hardest to get right. The manufacturers in their efforts to maintain control of spare part prices continue to find ways to confuse repairers by altering identifying marks on the part. This means repairers have to buy from the manufacturers spare parts agents. Meaning margins remain healthy for the anointed few!

The side effect of these continually changing codifications means there are large numbers of the same hinges with different markings being sold by the good intentioned, but often wrong resellers! There are 3 main elements that affect a hinge fit! The spring tension, the shape of the arms and the mounting locations/method.

The latest method of attempting to maintain part prices is the gluing in of hinges. This means the manufacturer can sell a set of hinges, an internal glass, and a door skin instead of just the hinges. This means the price for this repair can double or more.

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Covid-19 v 2.0 6 Day Lock Down Compliance: We can repair oven/cooktops if they are you only means of cooking! So, we must remain extra vigilant during this period. There is a significant fine for breaching the lock down! To attend your oven/cooktop during this period you must be able to confirm that cooking via your oven/cooktop is the only means available for you to feed you and your family. We also require you to confirm that you have not travelled or have had contact with people that have travelled and/or may have come into potential contact with COVID-19.

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How to combat this market disinformation? A rose by any other name is still a rose! We have spent a good deal of time and money to penetrate the hinge manufacture smoke and mirrors to make sure we are able to source the correct hinges from a cost effective supply chain. This allows us to not just to provide “fixed prices” even though some of the hinge prices exceed the fixed price, but also to replace glued in hinges. It also allows us to fit hinges to ovens that are no longer being made or supported in the market.

Single Arm Frame Issues

On the right you can see 3 images from a number of Westinghouse Ovens. The hinge you can see is a typical example of a single arm hinge. These new style of hinges place a lot more stress on the oven door frames. The bottom left hand image is an example of the internal mechanism for receiving the hinge arm and ultimately supporting the door. The frame often bends if any downward pressure is applied to the door. For example; cleaning without supporting the door, letting the door drop free when opening, putting roasts etc on the door, children standing on the door and so on.

The external hinge frame supports in the far right bottom image are an attempt at stiffening the door frame. There are a variety of these modifications that are available for some models. They help, but will not resolve the issue if undue downward pressure is being applied. The answer is always to take care not to let the doors go past the 80 degree mark without your support.

It is important to note that we do not warrant damage caused by downward pressure being applied to the door after repairs have been completed. There is no way to overcome the weakness of these frames that will ultimately not support any undue downward pressure.

Oven Door Hinge Brands

Oven Door Hinge Brands that we typically hold in van stock are:- Ilve, Smeg, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Electrolux, Emilia, Glemgas and Kleenmaid. We do keep the more popular model hinges for IAG, Baumatic, Blanco, Delonghi, Euro, Euromaid, La Germania, Lofra, Technika and Ariston.

Hinges are bought and sold in pairs. Our oven hinge door repair ‘fixed prices’ do not include the hinge supports or thier installation. Hinges supports typically don’t need to be changed. However we will normally inform you before proceeding if we believe the supports do require replacement.