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Welcome to the new world – Covid 19 here to stay (at least for the next year anyway!)

We are still attending oven repairs. But, we prefer you to book online and state that your home is Covid 19 safe. We are having to change the way we go about our daily lives, not just in the short term, but for the foreseeable future.

Covid-19 potential exposure

If you have recently travelled or have come in contact with recent travellers or if you have a fever or feeling unwell, we ask that you refrain from using our services until you know that it is safe to do so. This is not just about us, but also all the customers we come in contact with.

What we are doing to combat the spread of Covid-19

  1. We prefer taking online bookings, do you can inform us of any requirements related to Covid 19. This means you must read and agree with our Coronavirus (COVID-19) policy/practice!
  2. When we arrive we are using new gloves specifically for your job. Also we are wearing a mask to avoid us spreading anything to your household. We also require that you also wear a mask while we are in your house.
  3. We need you to help us reduce the touch points during the repair work. This means removing racks, trays, cooking containers etc from the oven. Also try to move any equipment near or around the appliance being repaired.
  4. While we are at your home please maintain a 1.5 meter distance. Keep curious young children away and lock away your pets.
  5. When making payment, use a pen or other device to press the keys on our eftpos terminal.
  6. After we leave your house we use alcohol to clean our equipment. We ask that you wipe down the area we have worked in along with your front door knob and gate touch points.

We are trying to ensure that our family and yours remain safe. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or send an email.

Please Stay Safe

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Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide

Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide

Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide


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Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide

Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide

Don't waste your day waiting for the technician!



Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide

Wish you could talk to a local from Adelaide

Over 90% of all jobs done are completed on the first visit!



Book your 2 hour window online now and get 10% off!

Book your 2 hour window online now and get 10% off!

Book your 2 hour window online now and get 10% off!


OVEN REPAIRS by Adelaide Oven Repairs


  • Independent – Locally Owned & Operated!
  • Licensed Electrician!
  • Talk direct with our factory trained technician!
  • No subcontractors!
  • Over 90% of jobs finished on the first visit!


Oven Repairz Coming Soon

Oven Repairz

Adelaide Oven Repairs Soon to relocate to www.ovenrepairz.com.au!

Why we hear you ask? Simple: Because our registered business name has become so used by our competitors it’s causing our customers confusion about who’s who! By using the “Z” in our business name, it makes our business name unique and trademarkable. This in turn means we can take legal action against those using our business name. But more importantly it means you our customers are able to make sure it’s really us your dealing with and not some copycat! You can see from the image below the number or business people using our business name in their Titles.

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Oven Repairs
Fixed Price Supply & Install


Oven Repairs

Need a specialist to fix your electric oven? We have the parts ready, the expertise and a fixed price. Book today

Door Hinges

Door Hinges

Trouble opening or closing your oven door? You can risk cracking the glass, and it can be very expensive! Book Today



Burning everything; regardless of what setting your using? Oven not maintaining temperature, we can fix it! Book Today

Bottom oven element

Bottom element

Burning everything on the top? Can’t get the oven hot enough? Might be the bottom element, let us replace it. Book Today

Adelaide’s best fixed price oven repairs

Grill Element

Grill Element

Grill Element drooping so much it’s becoming part of the meal? Or Just not working? Time to replace it! Book Today

Fan forced element

Fan forced element

The fan and light’s working but it’s just not heating much. Could be the fan forced element! Let us replace it! Book Today

Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

Air not coming out from the top or bottom of the door like it used to? Probably the cooling fan is seized! We can fix it! Book Today

Cooking fan

Cooking fan

Sick and tired of trying to hear the TV over the noisy oven in the kitchen. Time to replace the cooking fan! Book today

Fixed On The First Visit


Our aim is to complete all oven repairs on the first visit! We are never going to get it 100% right! But we’re pretty close. We return to maybe one or two jobs a week! When that’s about 30 plus jobs a week, it sounds too good to be true; but it’s not! It means we have to fill our van to the roof with Oven Parts! It means we have to carry lifting equipment and not just one fit-all type device! It means we have to say “No” to Range-hoods, Dishwashers, Fridges, Microwaves, Steamers, Coffee Machines and the like! We can’t be Adelaide’s No. 1 Oven Specialist without focusing on just ovens! And because we buy so many oven parts, we can offer a range of fixed prices for elements, hinges, thermostats, fan motors and more. We average out the cost of the part, the time it takes to replace and the travel etc. to make sure you get a competitive, genuine fixed price. A fixed price that includes the best parts and the most experienced tech. You can’t work on ovens all day and not get good at it!

Book Online Now - Electric

***No Tax Invoice***

This form is for domestic customers only. If you are a Rental Property Owner/Manager/Tenant/Commercial Operator please use the Rental booking form. The 10% discount is for domestic customers only. If you use this Booking Form you will not receive a “Tax invoice”. 

Booking online saves time, errors and provides a written record of the appointment details. We pass this saving on via a 10% discount. Please make sure your email/mobile phone number is correct, as we sms/email a time and date confirmation. If the date you have selected is not available we will continue to communicate via email to finalise a time and date confirmation. By submitting a booking means you have agreed to have us attend your property to repair your appliance and have accepted our terms and conditions.  We will send you a date and time confirmation by sms/email as you choose. Your receiving the date and time confirmation does not negate your booking obligations. 

Please note* This form is for privately owned residences only. If you are a Property Owner/Manager or Tenant; please use our rental property form.


We carry a selection of spares for the most common faults and should our technician not have the required parts on board, there is no additional Service Call Out Charge for the return visit. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing, and when applicable are conditional upon all accounts and payments being in order and fully settled as per our trading terms.

Things go wrong! If you haven’t received your booking confirmation by the time you anticipated; call! The amount of incorrect phone numbers/ email addresses etc. we receive means you might not receive your confirmation as anticipated. Ring us before you go off making alternate arrangements. All postponements or cancellations must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so in a timely manner will incur cancellation charges. 

Don’t have time to use the booking form; Text Us!

SMS Text Form

SMS Text Form

Terms & Conditions

Contingency Bookings

If you not sure what Contingency bookings are; then read on! It’s when a customer makes a booking, but then rings around to find another repairer who can maybe make it earlier! This is not just frowned upon, but makes up a big part of lost revenue for any repair operation. So please; do the ring around before making a booking. And then if we end up your best option, then great; make a booking.

*During business hours. Over-night submissions will be responded to the following business day.
Booking Process

Please complete each of the three heading below!

Electric Booking Form

Please confirm that you have not travelled or have had contact with people that have travelled and/or may have come into potential contact with COVID-19. *

Your Personal Details

  Your Appliance Details

  Booking Arrangements

Have Pets? Please have them restrained or locked away. Need To Clean? Please use a cleaning service. Want To Watch? We are not a training service!


Service Area

*Note additional charges apply outside this area!

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Benefits to you

Benefits to you the customer

Here at Adelaide Oven Repairs we offer Adelaide’s first dedicated oven repair service. This specialist type focus means we can offer real benefits to our customers.

Completed Jobs = 95% on the first visit!

We carry Adelaide’s larges oven parts stock in a van! What use is any stock if it’s not with us when we visit? If we fixed clothes dryers, rangehoods, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc. we have to compromise our van stock. Our van is 75% full of Oven Parts!

Fixed Price Repairs

We buy parts in volume that allows us to offer fixed prices for many of the common types of oven repairs such as thermostats, hinges, elements, fan motors etc. So whether you have a cheap machine or expensive the price is the same! So you don’t have to worry about bill shock!

Book Online and get a 10% Discount

Many customers ask why we prefer them to book online. Simple, it save us time so we pass on that saving! But it’s more than just that:

  • It eliminates errors
  • Most customers need more time to gather the necessary information to provide a complete set of details
  • Our terms and conditions would take forever to detail over the phone

Oven Handling Equipment

One of the most difficult aspects of oven repairs, is lifting them from their locations. We carry hydraulic lifting table, hydraulic floor lifter, purpose built adjustable resting table, under-bench mechanical adjustable oven table. The benefit to you is we can do almost every oven repair without any assistance!

Full Qualified Electrician

  • Electrical Workers Licence PGE 174378
  • Electrical Contractors Licence PGE 232656

Why Us

Fixed Price Repairs!

Common faults make up 80% of oven/stove repairs. The 5 “Fixed Price Repairs” are the most common repairs we do! Terms and conditions apply!

10% off Online Bookings!  Save time and money by booking online! You get to choose a 2 hour window and we will send you a booking confirmation.

Simple, 92% of all oven repairs are completed during the first visit.

We complete 92% of all Oven repairs in your home! No taking it away; risking damage in transport or delays getting it back to you!

 Tick Fixed Price  When the price we quote; is the price you pay!
 Tick Quality Parts  Original Equipment Manufactured Parts (OEM)
 Tick On Time  We offer a 2 hour booking window
 Tick Fully Licensed  Register Electrical Worker and Electrical Contractor
 Tick Fixed First Time  85% of all jobs are completed on the first visit
 Tick  10% Discount  10% off for all domestic online bookings
 Tick  Increased Van Stock  70% of our van stock is dedicated to Ovens and Stoves
 Tick Specialised Equipment  Hydraulics Sissor lift table, purpose made stands and tooling

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