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Is it cheaper to repair or replace your oven? Hopefully our expert repair technician can help. Just scroll down and complete the booking form.



Independent – Locally Owned & Operated!

Independent – Locally Owned & Operated!

Licensed Electrician or Gas Technician!

Licensed Electrician or Gas Technician!

Talk direct with our factory trained technician!

Talk direct with our factory trained technician! No subcontractors!

Over 90% of jobs finished on the first visit!

Over 90% of jobs finished on the first visit!

To Repair or Replace???

That is the question we shall try to answer!


If nothing else; it's eco-friendly to repair, rather than replace your oven!

Seems like a value-add. The technician turns up, acts all dismayed at the overall state of your oven, and then starts to catalogue the repairs they suggest are required. All of a sudden, a replacement offer is on the table, and your worries suddenly seem to disappear.

Sounds good; too good! We don't offer oven replacement services because more often than not, it isn't necessary. However, it is the latest trend in the Eastern States. Selling a new oven/appliance has a lot of upside for the repair company! These days it's hard to get good technicians, so many aren't geared up to undertake, much less complete repairs. It takes a lot of focus and training. Making arrangements to replace your oven means the company can take a profit from the oven sale, cabinetry work, plumbing (if it's gas), electrical, etc. There's a lot more value-add in "upselling" to a new oven while the technician is in your home than repairing it.

Customers tend to trust Tradies over Salespeople. And for the most part, that is a fair assumption. The problem is "a conflict of interest". Often these 'Upselling Techniques' mean the so-called repair company has looked for deals where they can take an extra margin by recommending one brand of oven over another. The only real way for you to tell if the technician is actually recommending what they believe is the best option for you, is if they can't make a profit from it. So, if you are considering a new oven, we'd be happy to provide our opinion.

We call that a 'conflict of interest', which we don't do!

Fixed Price Repairs

With fixed prices you can make definitive choice!

Oven Repairs

Fixed Price Supply & Install

The full list of fixed prices are provided in the 'successful submission' page that loads automatically once you've submitted your online booking.

Oven hinge repair in Adelaide

Door Hinges

Book Online = Supply & Install $270.oo

Trouble opening or closing your oven door? You can risk cracking the glass, and it can be very expensive!

Bottom element oven repairs in Adelaide

Bottom Element

Book Online = Supply & Install $250.oo

Burning everything on the top? Can’t get the oven hot enough? Might be the bottom element, let us replace it.

Fan force element oven repairs in Adeliade

Fan Forced Element

Book Online = Supply & Install $230.oo

The fan and light’s working but it’s just not heating much. Could be the fan forced element! Let us replace it!

Thermostat oven repairs in Adelaide


Book Online = Supply + Install $280.oo

Burning everything; regardless of what setting your using? Oven not maintaining temperature, we can fix it!

Grill element oven repairs in Adelaide

Grill Element

Book Online = Supply & Install $250.oo

Grill Element drooping so much it’s becoming part of the meal? Or Just not working? Time to replace it!

Cooling fan oven repairs in Adelaide

Cooling Fan

Book Online = 180mm Supply & Install $280.oo

Air not coming out from the top or bottom of the door like it used to? Probably the cooling fan has seized! We can fix it!

Cooking fan oven repairs in Adelaide

Cooking Fan

Book Online = Supply & Install $270.oo

Sick and tired of trying to hear the TV over the noisy oven in the kitchen. Time to replace the cooking fan!

Book now and save!

Did you know there's a 10% discount for booking online?



This form - and the 10% discount - is for domestic customers only. This is a booking request, not a confirmation!

If you are a Rental Property Owner/Manager/Tenant/Commercial Operator please use the Tax Invoice Booking Form.

If you use this Booking Form you will not receive a “Tax invoice”.


Booking Stages


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The property owner is liable to provide a safe work environment! Failure to provide truthful answers or disregard obligations to maintain a safe work environment can cause liability on the property owners behalf.

Customer Details

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Parking fines are passed on at cost.
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A minimum $55 charge applies if your address is outside our "service area". If this is the case, please select "Outside Service Area" and include your suburb in the Address field.
Booking confirmations are sent by email. Please ensure your email is correct.
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Please enter two different, working contact numbers if possible!
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We do repair electric ovens with gas burners on top!
Normally located around the doors!
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Booking Arrangements

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You can select multiple times. *Times are not guaranteed!
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Electric Booking Form
Book online with Adelaide Oven Repairs.

Contingency Bookings

If you are not sure what Contingency bookings are; then read on! It’s when a customer makes a booking, but then rings around to find another repairer who can maybe make it earlier! This is not just frowned upon, but makes up a big part of lost revenue for any repair operation. So please; do the ring around before making a booking. And then if we end up your best option, please then make a booking.

Please note* This form is for privately owned residences only. If you are a Property Owner/Manager or Tenant; please use our rental property form.

Service Call Etiquette

We ask that all our customers make themselves familiar with our 'service call etiquette' requirement in order to maintain a safe and harmonious work environment. The most important ones:

  • Keep your pets restrained or outside.
  • Keep clear of any work space.
  • Please don't hover over the technician while they are working.

Booking online saves time, errors and provides a written record of the appointment details. We pass this saving on via a 10% discount. Please make sure your email/mobile phone number is correct, as we sms/email a time and date confirmation. If the date you have selected is not available we will continue to communicate via email to finalise a time and date confirmation. By submitting a booking means you have agreed to have us attend your property to repair your appliance and have accepted our terms and conditions. We will send you a date and time confirmation by sms/email as you choose. Your receiving the date and time confirmation does not negate your booking obligations.


We carry a selection of spares for the most common faults and should our technician not have the required parts on board, there is no additional Service Call Out Charge for the return visit. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing, and when applicable are conditional upon all accounts and payments being in order and fully settled as per our trading terms. Things go wrong! If you haven’t received your booking confirmation by the time you anticipated; call! The amount of incorrect phone numbers/ email addresses etc. we receive means you might not receive your confirmation as anticipated. Ring us before you go off making alternate arrangements. All postponements or cancellations must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so in a timely manner will incur cancellation charges.

Fixed on the first visit over 95% of all jobs attended

That's because we carry the largest van stock for Ovens in Adelaide, bar none!

Under Bench Oven


Bringing sexy... opps

cooking back!

95% Fixed on the first Visit

Fixed on the first visit!

Our aim is to complete all oven repairs on the first visit!

Why Us

Why choose Adelaide Oven Repairs? Because that's what we do most of the day; Oven Repairz!


Why Us

By specialising in Oven and Stove repairs we gain increased skills and can afford to carry specialised tools, a wider selection of oven parts in the van and can invest in equipment that allows us to handle larger Ovens or Stoves with ease.

Fixed Price

Say goodbye to unexpected costs and hidden fees. At At Adelaide Oven Repairs, we believe in transparency. Our fixed-price oven repairs ensures that you know exactly what to expect, right from the start. No surprises, just straightforward, fair pricing.

10% Discount for Booking Online

Booking your oven repair has never been easier. Our user-friendly online booking system lets you schedule your service with just a few clicks. Experience the convenience of arranging your repair in your own time.

Largest Oven Parts

Over 90% of our van stock is dedicated to Ovens and Stoves repairs

On Time

Precision Scheduling: Enjoy a 2-Hour Booking Window!" Why Adelaide Oven Repairs is Your Pinnacle of Punctuality:

Your Time, Your Choice:

At Adelaide Oven Repairs, we understand the value of your time. Our 2-hour booking window is designed to give you the flexibility you need while ensuring your schedule remains a top priority. No more waiting around for all-day or half day service windows.

Fully Licensed

When it comes to oven repairs, trust matters. At Adelaide Oven Repairs, we take pride in being your reliable and fully licensed electrician. We understand the importance of compliance with local regulations as a fully licensed electrician in South Australian.

Eco-Friendly Solutions- We Repair not Replace

Seems like a value add. Technician turns up, acts dismayed at the overall state of your Oven and then starts to catalogue the repairs that are required. All of a sudden a replacement offer is on the table and your worries suddenly seem to disappear.

Sounds good; Too good! We don't offer replacement as part of our service because that is the latest trend in the eastern states. Selling because they aren't geared up to complete repairs. That take a lot of focus and training. Making arrangements to replace your oven means they take a cut of the cabinetry work, plumbing (if its gas) electrical etc. There's a lot more profit in upselling a whole package of work.

We call that a conflict of interest which we don't do!

Quality Part

At Adelaide Oven Repairs, we believe in delivering not just repairs but lasting solutions. Our commitment to excellence starts with the use of superior OEM quality parts. When you choose us, you can trust that your oven will be equipped with the best components in the market.

Specialised Equipment

Precision Repairs: Equipped with Specialized Handling and Testing Equipment!"

Why Adelaide Oven Repairs Excels with Specialized Tools:

1. Tailored Solutions with Precision Equipment:

Adelaide Oven Repairs takes pride in using specialized handling and testing equipment tailored for oven repairs. Our tools are designed to diagnose issues with precision, ensuring accurate assessments and effective solutions for your appliance.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology for In-Depth Diagnostics:

We invest in cutting-edge technology to elevate your oven/cooktop. Our specialized equipment goes beyond the basics, allowing us to conduct in-depth diagnostics. This means faster identification of issues and more targeted repairs, saving you time and money.

Smeg, Ilve, Omega, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson

While we specialise in European ovens and service most popular brands!


The top 6 brands are the ovens we service most often here in little old Adelaide. They're therefore the ones we carry the most parts for and have the most experience in.

Then we have the brands that we have a mix of popular and less popular; where parts are restricted mainly to the popular models.

Others that we also service, but with a 50/50 likelihood we have parts on board. In no particular order: