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Adelaide Oven Repairs Now Becomes Oven Repairz


Why we hear you ask? Simple: Because our registered business name has become so used by our competitors it's causing our customers confusion about who's who! By using the "Z" in our business name, it makes our business name unique and trademarkable. This in turn means we can take legal action against those using our business name. But more importantly it means you our customers are able to make sure it's really us your dealing with and not some copycat! You can see from the image below the number or business people using our business name in their Titles.

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We have been repairing Domestic Ovens in Adelaide since Thomas & Rowe were the main European Brand Agent here in Adelaide. Sure, we’ve changed names and structures since back then and did the warranty work for many of the well known brands; Smeg, Ilve, Bosch, Blanco, Kleenmaid etc. We were factory trained on most of the brands.

Paul, our senior technician is a local Adelaidean and has been servicing both domestic and commercial appliance since 1976. Paul has managed/worked for large service companies i.e. Nilsen Electric, Hobart Food Equipment, Curtin Food Service. 

Paul started Adelaide Oven Repairs back in 2010; and unlike his competitors of the day struck out using the internet as his preferred marketing method. This in a time when Yellow Pages ruled!  The company decided a long time ago that straight talk was preferable to market hype. And that what we said; was what we did. Our core skill and experience is about delivering a service for a known price and being transparent, which means you have to keep it honest. 

Fast forward to today and Adelaide Oven Repairs are the only dedicated Oven Repairer in Adelaide. Contrary to what some other advertise, we only do Oven Repairs. Which means our van is stocked full of Oven Parts. And while we purchase parts predominantly from Europe the fact is, it is almost impossible to avoid Chinese manufactured parts these days. What separates us from out competition is the highest volume of oven parts installed over that last decade allowing us to determine good product from bad. This reflects less that 7 genuine warranty claims this year. 

Being a dedicated oven repairer also means we are more likely to have the part you need in the van, which translates into more than 95% of all jobs done being completed on the first visit.

Paul’s a registered electrician and holds an electrical contractors license, coupled with maintaining the appropriate insurance makes Adelaide Oven Repairs the number one choice in Adelaide.

We don’t do new appliance sales or installations; we believe this is a conflict of interest as many customers end up with new ovens when in truth their old one was economic to repair.

Fixed Price

Adelaide Oven Repairs is a registered business name owned and operated by Adelaide Corporate Pty Ltd. We offer Adelaide’s first “fixed Price Repair Service” for most electric domestic ovens, stoves, hotplates, cooktops and freestanding ranges. Established in 2010, Adelaide Oven Repairs now extends to cover most Adelaide Metropolitan areas. Service calls can be booked direct through the service technician so you can discuss your needs or you can book online.

Fixed Price Repairs represents more than 80% of the oven repairs we complete. Unlike most of our competition we started offering Fixed Price Oven Repairs in Adelaide about a decade ago. Sure a number of our competitors have tried to copy this model, but still have a way to go to become competitive across the broader range of brands.

Fixed Price is about a known outcome. You can see our prices for a particular repairs  but you will need to register in order to access these. Alternatively you will receive a copy of these on the successful booking submission page. Fixed price means the supply and install of a specific part for common appliance faults. For instance the most common fault in an electric oven is the fan forced element. So we aggregate our yearly labour and material costs and determine an average charge per element replacement. And then take that cost and offer it as a “Fan Forced Element Replacement Price”. This way you know up front exactly how much this repair is going to cost. And so we bundle up the most common repairs and offer them as “Supply and Install Packages” or what we call “Fixed Price Repairs” now referred to as FPR !