Fixed Price Repairs

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Looking for Oven Repairs in Adelaide? Look no further, Adelaide Oven Repairs is the first to offer a “Fixed Price Replacement Service” for many common oven/stove faults.

Our Fixed Price Repairs include:

– Element replacement service
– Fan motor replacement service
– Door hinge replacement service
– Thermostat replacement service
– Function Switch replacement service
– Grill element replacement service

Additional faults are not included! A quote for any additional repair work can be provide as required.

How it works

Oven faults are usually pretty common, statistically speaking. The trick us to have a large enough volume to be able to a) predict the fault and b) to amortise the cost of that fault over a whole year. So if we take the replacing of the fan forced element as an example! It standard break down is Call out + Labour + Part + GST Less 10% booking online discount = Fixed Price Replacement Price. The call out is fixed at $82.50 on every job without our service area. The labour might take 15 minutes on some jobs and at the other end maybe 2 hours. But over the year we can determine the average labour spent. Elements are the same; they can range from $50 to $190 for a fan forced element. We add a bit of margin for warranty and overhead costs and bingo we have a magic number of $231.00 less 10% for booking online to replace a fan forced element.

The challenge is knowing which part needs replacing. Again statistically, through the high volume of repeat common faults, we can determine about 80% of single faults just from the explanation provided. But really this is not that important. If we have a fixed price offer, then it means that price will be applied if it turns out to be different than you requested. For example; you might choose the fan forced element that needs replacement. But when we get there we find the thermostat is faulty. Then that is the the price we will quote you. The fan forced replacement service get switched out in favour of the thermostat fixed price replacement service.

Of course there will be times when this doesn’t fit. This is the 20% group empirically speaking. In that case we charge $82.50 for the call out and $27.50 per 15 minutes plus parts less the 10% discount for booking online. What generally happens is do a quick investigation when we arrive, less than 15 minutes normally and we offer you a fixed price or advice about what your options are.

The risks remains with you though! We offer these fixed price replacement services based on customer preferences. For most we arrive, replace the offending part, test to make sure it is working and get you to pay the bill. Empirically speaking that’s 80% of our work. In some instances though the faulty part may have caused damage to other parts. For instance a blown element can fuse the thermostat, or blow the overheat control open circuit etc. So in some cases we might have to change both a fan forced element and a thermostat. This would be: F/F Element $231.00 + Thermostat $264.00 – Call out $82.50 – 10% discount = $375.00. We have built in the call out fee for every Fixed Price Replacement Service, so we deduct the service call for every additional Fixed Price Replacement Service.

The alternative is for us to undertake a full diagnostic to determine what additional parts might be faulty other than that which you listed. This will take additional time! To do it thoroughly could take as much as 2 hours depending on the complexity of the Appliance.  Often, there is no additional fault and so the time taken to check the other parts was wasted.


Having a large stock of spare parts in a warehouse or workshop is useless. The only spare parts that count, are the ones the technician carries in the van. Because it is only then that the job can be completed during the first visit. That’s our goal! To complete over 85% of our jobs at the first visits. However there are a few situations where we can’t always have the parts that are required.

  • Brands no longer serviced by an authorised agent.
  • Parts not covered in our Fixed Price Replacement Offers
  • Low volume Brands. These are generally the higher price appliances, unusual designed appliances or unpopular brands.

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