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Heating Elements in Oven Repairs: Not all elements equal & Insurance excludes unqualified installation. Online sellers want you to buy their parts direct

Oven Element Replacement













New element fitted after rogue electrician work!

It's not uncommon to find all sorts of inventive ways to fit wrong parts!


In the Beginning NO 1

You need to have your oven fixed! Straight forward enough... so you call your local electrician. 


But not all is as it should be. Trouble is, you just don't know it yet. You pay the bill and think you got a good outcome.

Not so, as it turns out!

The image on the right is as installed by a local electrical firm. Yes it works, but they've caught the earth terminal under the mounting bracket for no good reason. The fan is not central of the element. And they have had to drill an extra hole in the oven wall to mount the new substitute.

The Beginning 1


In the Middle NO 2

It's hard to see, sadly our photographic skills on the job are a bit lacking. 


The prior electrical firm, because they didn't have the right element, fitted a Chinese element with a large plate.

To do that they have bent, until it broke, a metal bridge that supports the element mounting!

This is the workmanship that most customers are unaware of until the next repairer undertakes the same work.

The main reason for getting a specialists oven repairer in to do the job, is because having the correct element is a part of being a specialist!

The Middle 2


In the End NO 3

The proper genuine element for this Teka Brand Oven. Fitted on the first visit and completed as well as can be hoped after the prior butchery.


We've had to fit an additional screw at the bottom of the correct plate to stop the hot air making it's way into the back cabin.

Now the fan in centre of the element helping to ensure the proper dispersion of the air into the oven cavity!

Unfortunately we couldn't use the brass metal thread to add extra support to the element and help ensure a proper earth of the element.

We did fit the earth to the proper terminal at the rear!

The End 3

Replace Heating Element In Oven

Hopefully the following will help decide which elements needs replacement


The average oven these days have 3-4 elements in them. Some you can see others you can't. Just because the one you can see is not working does not mean that element is faulty. In fact more often than not the element you can see is the Grill and only functions when the Grill function is selected!

The following symbols can normally be found on most function knobs/settings. Depending on which one you select dictates which elements will come on. Only the elements you select come on! This is not intended as a comprehensive explanation. See you user manual for further information.

Oven Settings

Convection: This turns on the top and bottom element. No fan or other elements are meant to operate on this setting.

Grill: Only the grill element is

Bottom Element: In most ovens the bottom element is no longer visible, they are located under the bottom panel.

Fan Assisted: Top and bottom elements both on together with the cooking fan motor at the rear of the oven.

Fan Grill: Grill element with the cooking fan motor at the rear of the oven.

Fan Bottom Element: Same as the bottom element but with the fan motor at the rear of the oven.

Fan Forced: Circular element at the rear of the oven which has air forced past the element before entering the oven cavity.

High Bake: Top, Bottom and Rear element together with rear cooking fan motor. Not great for economy but heats up fastest.

Eco: No Clue! It changes per brand, but normally relies on some form of radiant heat via an exposed element.

Rotisserie: For those ovens that have this it is normally the grill element and the rotisserie motor sometime with cooking fan.

Pyrolytic: Not for the faint hearted; high heat around 500 degrees and locks you out of the oven for about 2 hours.

Defrost: Fan only during this setting. The fan produces a small amount of heat and the airflow helps to speed up the process.

Elements aren't all equal

How to tell a good one from the rest?


The only way to tell is to monitor their performance. Install as many elements as you can and then keep track of the hours and temperature its operated for until it fails. Determine if other contributing factors aided in the demise of the element and then compare that to the other elements available as a substitute.

If that sound ridiculous; it is! Most customers are lucky if they have to change an element every 10 years. So for a customer to make a calculated decision about which is the preferred element for their situation is a crap shoot (excuse the vernacular). A rule of thumb such as the price of the element is almost as fraught with failure as tossing up a coin. We change probably the most element for a single technician in Australia. And that is because its almost the number one thing we do. But it takes us about 5 years of turning over a range of elements before we can with confidence say which elements have a higher failure rate than others. And we weed them out of our stocks as soon as we can confidently identify them.

For the main part, we use Italian/European elements from the top producers. Even those have a few duds among them. We also prefer 3 ringed fan forced elements of 2 ringed and swagged end for earth fault reasons. These are few of the criteria we impose on our suppliers to improve the performance of an element. Other criteria we use aren't suitable to publish a) because we don't want our competitors getting a free ride and b) because some manufacturer would not be happy.

The different elements

Some oven have up to 6 element in them


The most likely elements in your oven are; top dual element, rear fan forced element and single bottom element!

Fan Force Element

This is the fan forced element and resides at the rear of the oven cabinet.

Fan Forced Element Setting
Bottom Element

The bottom element, some exposed and can be seen in the older ovens, but new ovens have the bottom element under the bottom panel.

Bottom Element Setting
Top Dual Element

The top dual element is a grill which is boarded by the square looking outer element which is the top oven element and works in conjunction with the bottom element.

Top Dual Element Setting

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Smeg, Ilve, Omega, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson

While we specialise in European ovens, we do service most popular brands!


The top 6 brands are the ovens we service most often here in little old Adelaide. They're therefore the ones we carry the most parts for and have the most experience in.

Then we have the brands that we have a mix of popular and less popular; where parts are restricted mainly to the popular models.

Others that we also service, but with a 50/50 likelihood we have parts on board. In no particular order:

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