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Ilve Oven and Stove Repairs

Looked all over Adelaide for a fully licensed Ilve Oven Repair Service with no luck; look no further. When you use our “Fixed Price Repair” service you can look forward to having the repair completed on the first visit over 90% of the time.  We carry Adelaide’s largest Ilve oven van parts stock! We also have special made lifting equipment so that we don’t have to bother you to help lift the oven out.

If the parts are not listed, we may have to import them. This can take a bit of time; please refer to our spare parts page for further details.

Need your:

  • Ilve Fan forced oven element replaced? We use the genuine A/458/34 Ilve Fan Forced Oven Element 2600W.
  • Ilve bottom oven element not heating? Make sure you use the A/458/02 Ilve bottom oven element for the 600mm & 700mm Ovens 1300W.
  • Ilve bottom element replaced in the wider ovens? make sure you use the genuine A/458/72 Ilve bottom element For the 800mm & 900mm Wide Ovens 1500W.
  • Ilve Cooking fan replaced because it’s not spinning? Use the genuine G/406/10 Ilve cooking fan motor.
  • Ilve oven door sealed? Probably the hinges need replacing. There are many hinges, including parts numbers:- A/028/41, A/028/22, A/028/24, A/028/40, A/028/45 and hinge supports:- A/468/04, A/468/00.
  • Ilve grill element replaced. These are often dual element meaning you have to replace two elements to resolve the one fault. The genuine part numbers we commonly use are:-A/458/38, A/458/18/ A/458/46.

Ilve have been hand making stoves and ovens since 1952! When customers ask me which brand they should buy; Ilve is certainly close to the top of the list. The main reason for this is because they are easy to fix, relatively speaking. But when buying a new oven, make sure you’ve considered the Functionality carefully and that it fits your main purpose! Some might argue that aesthetic is the driving force. But in truth it’s all of these; Brands that have been building ovens for a long time represent tried and true. Stoves that are easy to fix means less repair costs. And ovens that are functional and meet your specific use means you have probably found and oven that will best suit your needs. In terms of repairs we’ve got you covered!.

We are the most reliable company for Ilve Oven Repairs in Adelaide. Our experts can repair almost any fault in your appliance with the help of their experience and skills.

Call to Action:

Feel free to call us for oven repairs in Adelaide at the following:

Paul (Electric) 0411 377 955 or Peter (Gas)  0418 823 545

Bottom oven element

Bottom Element Replacement Problems

Not Included in Fixed Price Repairs!

Unfortunately we can’t cover the price of the bottom element repair in our standard Fixed Price Repair (FPR). The reason is that many of the newer models no longer have a removable internal bottom oven panel. Which means to access the bottom element the whole oven needs to be removed from it’s location and the back removed.

The problem with this job is that when the bottom element fails it welds itself in places to the stainless steel base. And on very rare occasions to the top or as the customer would know it; the bottom of the oven. This means the removal of the old element is required before the new element can be installed. The time taken to achieve this is very hard to estimate.

The average cost increase is about $80-$90 more than the FPR. On the rare occasion damage is done to the inner bottom lining extra cost is incurred to remedy this.



Ilve Models

While this isn’t a total list by any means, it covers the models that we service.


6640CMP – 2000
6640CMPV- 2001
6640CNMP- 2002
6640CNMPV- 2003
P60FMP- 2006
P60G- 1996
P60LMP- 2008
P60MP- 1996
P60NG- 1997
P60NMP- 2009
P60NMP- 1997
P60NVG- 2002
P60VG- 2001
P60WMP- 2007
P6640CG- 1998
P6640CMP- 1998
P6640CNG- 1999
PE60FMP- 2006
PE60LMP- 2008
PE60MP- 1998
PE60NMP- 2009
PE60NMP- 1999
PE60WMP- 2007
T60LMP- 2004
T60WMP- 2005
M70VG- 2001
P70MP- 2002
P70LMP- 2002
P70NMP- 2002
PD70WMP- 2009
PD70NMP- 2009


M70VG- 2001
P70MP- 2002
P70LMP- 2002
P70NMP- 2002
PD70WMP- 2009
PD70NMP- 2009


CE80MP- 2009
JC80MP- 2009
P80FMP- 2006
P80LMP- 2006
P80LMP- 2002
P80MP- 2002
P80NMP- 2006
P80NMP- 2002
P80WMP- 2006
PE80FMP- 2009
PE80LMP- 2009
PE80NMP- 2009
PE80WMP- 2009


964PCMP- 2001
964PCNMP- 2001
9660CMP- 2000
9660CMPV- 2000
9660CNMP- 2000
9660CNMPV- 2000
JC906MP- 2009
JC90MP- 2009
JK906V- 2009
M906MP- 2006
M90FMP- 2006
M90FVG- 2006
M90VG- 2001
MCI90MP- 2008
MI90MP- 2008
MT906MP- 2006
MT90FMP- 2006
MT90FVG- 2006
MTI90MP- 2008
P906FMP- 2006
P906LMP- 2006
P906MP- 1996
P906NMP- 2006
P906NMP- 1996
P906WMP- 2006
P90BMP- 1996
P90BNMP- 1996
P90FFMP- 2006
P90FLMP- 2006
P90FMP- 2000
P90FMP- 2006
P90FNMP- 2006
P90FNMP- 2000
P90FWMP- 2006
P90LMP- 2006
P90MP- 1996
P90NMP- 2006
P90NMP- 1996
P90NVG- 2004
P90VG- 2004
P90WMP- 2006
P9640BCMP- 1996
P9640BCNMP- 1996
P9640PCMP- 1996
P9640PCNMP- 1996
PC9640NMP- 1995
PD906FMP- 2007
PD906LMP- 2007
PD906LMP- 2002
PD906MP- 2002
PD906NMP- 2007
PD906NMP- 2002
PD906WMP- 2007
PD90BCMP- 1995
PD90BCNMP- 1995
PD90BMP- 1995
PD90BNMP- 1995
PD90FFMP- 2006
PD90FLMP- 2006
PD90FNMP- 2006
PD90FWMP- 2006
PD90MP- 2006
PD90NMP- 1995
PD90WBMP- 1996
PD9640PCMP- 1995
PDI90FMP- 2009
PDI90LMP- 2009
PDI90NMP- 2009
PDI90WMP- 2009
PE90FMP- 2006
PE90LMP- 2006
PE90MP- 1998
PE90NMP- 2006
PE90NMP- 1998
PE90WMP- 2006
PI90FMP- 2008
PI90LMP- 2008
PI90NMP- 2008
PI90WMP- 2008
T906LMP- 2003
T906LMP- 2009
T906LVG- 2009
T906NMP- 2009
T906WMP- 2003
T906WMP- 2009
T906WVG- 2009
T90CLMP- 2009
T90CLVG- 2009
T90CWMP- 2009
T90CWVG- 2009
T90FLMP- 2009
T90FLVG- 2009
T90FWVG- 2009
T90LMP- 2009
T90LVG- 2009
T90WMP- 2009
T90WVG- 2009
TD906LMP- 2009
TD906LVG- 2009
TD906WMP- 2009
TD906WVG- 2009
TD90CLMP- 2009
TD90CLVG- 2009
TD90CWMP- 2009
TD90CWVG- 2009
TD90FLMP- 2009
TD90FLVG- 2009
TD90FWMP- 2009
TD90FWVG- 2009
TD90LMP- 2009
TD90LMP- 2004
TD90LVG- 2009
TD90WMP- 2009
TD90WMP- 2004
TD90WVG- 2009

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