Safety Switch Faults

Earth Leakage Fixed Price Repairs

We don’t include any diagnostic work in our fixed price repairs. From time to time a repair doesn’t fit within a practical time frame to fix a price. Therefore we charge a quarter hour rate for the time taken. However we have decided to make an exception for any safety switch faults. It is important to note that the Earth Leakage Fixed Price does not include work related to the cabling up to the appliance or the switch gear in the switch board. That work must be done by your own electrician. We only work on the appliance itself.

The diagnostic work included is limited to insulation testing and live leakage current readings where appropriate. We don’t simply disconnect elements, fans, switches, etc until finally the appliance stops causing the fault. Many earth faults can’t be diagnosed until the oven is up to temperature and operating at normal cooking conditions.

Fault Finding and Rectification

Faults in electrical wiring can cause serious problems such as fires or electrocution. Common causes of electrical faults are  poor connections that over heat, faulty appliances, overloading, rodent damage, water egress, poor installation or damage to the electrical system.

3  Basic Faults

Short circuits, Earth faults and Overloads.

A short circuit occurs when an active wire and a neutral wire come in contact with each other, when this happens a large current flows causing the protective device to either blow (fuse) or trip (circuit breaker).

An earth fault occurs when an active wire comes into contact with the earthing system. Similar to a short circuit, a large amount of current flows in the circuit causing the protective device to operate.

Overloads occurs when too much load is applied to a particular circuit causing the protective device to disconnect the circuit.

None of these faults are overly difficult to diagnose. On the contrary an Earth Leakage fault is another story all together. Earth leakage is when a very small amount of current leaks from either the active or neutral circuit to earth. In South Australia that generally means any leakage that exceeds 30 milliamps. Isolating the offending item