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At Adelaide Oven Repairs we specialise electric stove/ovens. We repair most popular brands at very competitive prices. We do so many of these “Fixed Price Repairs” throughout the year we are able to aggregate our yearly costs to determine these fixed rates. (Click headings for more details)


Our Standard Rates

$82.50 Service Call = $27.50 per 15 Minutes plus parts.

Diagnostic Test

Any diagnostic work requested is $27.50 per 15 minutes. Note* We do confirm the part to be replaced in the Fixed Price Repair Offer is faulty!

Price Matrix Oven Repairs

Fan Forced Element $231.00 Less 10%
Thermostat $264.00 Less 10%
Hinges $264.00 Less 10%
Dual Bulb Thermostat $308.00 Less 10%
Cooking Fan $264.00 Less 10%
180mm Cooling Fan $286.00 Less 10%
240mm Cooling Fan $330.00 Less 10%
300mm Cooling Fan $418.00 Less 10%
Overheat Thermostat $196.00 Less 10%
4 position Function Switch $196.00 Less 10%
6 position Function Switch $231.00 Less 10%
8 position Function Switch $264.00 Less 10%
9 position Function Switch $275.00 Less 10%
10 position Function Switch $286.00 Less 10%
10 position + Push Button Function Switch $330.00 Less 10%
Simmerstat $220.00 Less 10%
Dual Element Simmerstat $275.00 Less 10%
Connection Block $220.00 Less 10%
Oven Globe $8.80 Less 10%
Door Seal $71.50 Less 10%
Dual Top Element $308.00 Less 10%
Smeg/Omega Powercard $400.00 Less 10%
Door Switch (dual) $220.00 Less 10%
Electro Mechanical Timer $210.00 Less 10%
Bottom Element $242.00 Less 10%
Diagnosis $82.50 service call + $27.50 per 15 Minutes Less 10%

Travel Outside Service Area

* 5Km outside our service area is an additional travel charge of $50 plus GST
* 10Km outside our service area is an additional travel charge of $60 plus GST

Two or more parts required

Each fixed price has a service call included in the calculation. Deduct $75.00 per each additional part required.


  • Any Parking costs incurred are on your behalf and passed on at cost. If parking is not available please inform us by sending an email asap.
  • You can find our full terms and conditions at Adelaide Appliance Repairs.
  • We appreciate it if you can have your pets outside or in a secure space during the repair work.
  • If your dual fuel stove requires disconnection from the gas connection in order to access the rear of the appliance, a gas fitter will be required to attend to this before we can complete the job.
We Do Not Repair