Customer Reviews

The ubiquitous customer review

We now as part of our business strategy aim for no reviews! Sadly reviews have become one of the most misleading methods of choosing a repairer! Started out like many of Google’s wonderful new ways to help improve page rankings. If you run a business that relies on Google page rankings, then this becomes a very serious matter indeed. Next thing we know every business is scrambling for 5 star reviews. However winning good reviews also opened the door to bad reviews! And that’s when it happened. Because Google wouldn’t let you respond or remove bad reviews the best method to deal with these was to drown them out with good reviews. Along come paid reviews! And those in the businesses of selling reviews swung both ways. You could buy good reviews for yourself or bad reviews for you competitors.

So which reviews can you trust! Certainly none on-line anymore! So we have taken the approach that no reviews is probably the best policy! Sure we can’t stop people from putting them up. But I think you’ll have to agree; it’s pretty rare to see no reviews; good or bad! That’s because we don’t try to impress or make a big deal about when we do get a nice letter from a customer. We simply try to do our job the best we can. We aim to run an organised business that does its job well!

Penny M. 07 Apr 2012

I phoned this business and they were very helpful with assessing my dishwasher woes. They provided sound advice and options, and gave me time to mull things over. Great phone contact who was willing to listen. Well done.

Paul Rohal

Director, Adelaide Oven Repairs

While this was/is a real review from one of the many review sites, there’s no way for you the customer to tell if it was a genuine one or perhaps a friend or even a paid review. It’s enticing for businesses to illicit reviews in order to improve their page rankings in Google.

We’re not Peter perfect and from time to time we get it wrong! Like the old the saying goes; if we got it right – tell others! But if we got it wrong = tell us! Truth is our business is most profitable when we get it right. We turn up at the time agreed, fit the parts for the fixed price repair as advertised on the first visit and head to our next job. If we choose the jobs we accept based on parts in stock and maintain a better than 92% completion on the first visit; we both win! We make the most amount of profit and you got a job done, when you asked for it, paid the fixed price and you didn’t have to make time for another visit.

If we can achieve that, we think most of our customer will be happy and so will we! If we can have a laugh together as well – bonus!