Breville Pizzaiolo Oven

Breville’s Smart Oven hit Australian shores

bpz820bss breville the smart oven pizzaiolo benchtop oven 2

Being an avid pizza “eater’ opps “maker” I have just purchased this little beauty and am super surprised at how easy it is to get a Wood Oven Pizza result by plugging this unit into my 10 amp standard power point and away we go!

Sure I fluffed the first one, simply because it stuck to the board. But the second two just worked.

20200908 210614 scaled e1600213838916

So for those of you who don’t want the hassle of prepping a wood fire and turning the pizza’s to make sure they cook evenly, here is your answer. And we look forward to fixing them if and when we start having problems.

Feature 02 2.jpg thumb


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